It’s on me: A drink for a doodle

December 12, 2010

You get something, I get something.  I’ll buy your therapy.

Dish out your self-portrait. Be creative + crafty or dangerous + sharp.  Be you.  Exaggerate. Pour out some paint, throw in some mud, use your fingers, and make a mess!

Why should you waste time with chunks of crayon, erasers, and glue sticks?

Therapy.  It feels really good.  And who isn’t a tad narcissistic these days?  Check out my mermaid waves. Also, I’ll include a link to your website if you want some attention.

Other than a free therapy session (unleash your inner tarantula or unicorn), I buy you a drink. Since I can’t and won’t take you out for a drink, I’ll send you a drink via snail mail.  (Spend it on cotton swabs or jelly beans if you don’t drink alcohol.)

I get the doodle, and you get the drink.  Win-win-WIN.  There are stipulations, of course.  And I don’t just give drinks away.  Effort is necessary.

Here’s what you get when you give:

Share a self-portrait with your story, and you’ll be savoring a delicious PBR in no time. $3

→Bacon beer in your belly.  Submit a diorama with the story, and you will taste the meat in no time.  Cheers.  $5

→If you are eco-friendly and apply organic materials to the caricature (with story), then salt up the arm, a tequila shot is on the way.  Tequila! $7

→Ambitious and dangerous?  Two drawings with two stories = One delicious dirty martini.  Encourage a friend to play! $9

→Delight your friends.  Collect 5 self-portraits + stories.  Send.  Celebrate with a round of shots.  $21

It’s easy to submit.  Fill out the form.

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20 Responses to “It’s on me: A drink for a doodle”

  1. I’m intigued. I’m a photographer as you can tell from my web site, so my self portrait will be a photo (taken in Paris when Helen and I last visited). Is that permissible? Also, it will be about a week before I can send it.

    • kzmuda Says:

      Hey Brian,
      Yes, it’s completely permissible. I can’t wait to see your photographic self-portrait! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.


  2. martha Says:

    okay, you have my interest.

  3. Hi Kira,

    This is cute. What about a graphic art self portrait?

  4. Sounds interesting… Where do I send my face?

  5. Mark Says:

    I do not have any self portraits but I have 5 portraits that I have painted in oil and each one has its own interesting story. Would this be something that would qualify for your venture?

  6. I like your style. Anyone who wants to trade for alcohol kicks ass in my book!

  7. Kristi Says:

    Hello! Just curious… what is this for? Are you collecting works for the hell(love) of it, planning to curate a show, writing a book, social experiment???
    Interesting idea, though.

    • kzmuda Says:

      Hi Kristi,
      I’m curious too. I believe it’s a little bit of all of the above. No show in the works, though. I’ve been really blown away by the portraits and stories I’ve received. I want to see where this project goes myself as some truly creative work has already surfaced. I hope you add your own doodle and story to the mix.

  8. Sean Says:

    I think I love you…r idea! Arts and stories will be going your way and I will be sharing the boozwith my friends 🙂

  9. Issac Maez Says:

    this post its very usefull thx!

  10. Miss Quote Says:

    Uhm.. HELL YES!

    I’m going to make a night of this with all my alcoholic starving artist friends.

    Kudos to you! What a groovy idea!

  11. schel Says:

    I always thought…if i won the lottery or something like that…I would do something like this!
    how can you afford this?!!!

    I’ve never done a self portrait…but i will now..jus’ for you!

    • kzmuda Says:

      Your website is incredible. Please DO send something. At this point, I’m not receiving hundreds of portraits a week so I’m not broke YET. I may need to re-evaluate the pay-out system at some point, but for now it works extremely well.

      I relish the self-portraits I receive and appreciate the effort it takes to send them to me. For that, I gladly want to buy the artist a cold beverage.

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