Fashion forward five-year-olds

September 20, 2009


While at the zoo this weekend, I noticed a stylish little girl wearing assorted animal prints. The zainy mix motivated me to juxtapose my own zebra and leopard prints. Could I be as bold as this five-year-old?  It made me think…

This kindergartener wasn’t actually the daring one; one of her parents made the adventurous fashion move.  Why not?

I am 100% positive that I will test out potential fashion trends on my future kids (not anytime soon).  Since certain design elements intimidate me,  I’ll play with fashion and dress up the future little tyke.   Trends will spread via kindergarten.

If you’re in search for the next BIG thing this fall, look no more at the display windows.  Hang out at the nearby playground.  Just don’t be creepy.

Color on a Monday and send to me.

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The results of a good movie

September 14, 2009

holypuffface My Monday lesson: Swollen eyes lead to too many questions.  Favorite movies are worth it, though.  I recommend Legends of the Fall for a little extra puffage in your life.

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Playing with idioms

September 4, 2009


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I’m buying a house.

August 24, 2009


Go wild. Color in your Dream House and send it to me.

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