My sketch from the NYC Drink and Draw Event at 3rd Ward Design

My sketch from the NYC Drink and Draw Event at 3rd Ward

Experience not required.  PBR’s and Chex Mix were served.  Ten bucks (when you bring a friend) included eclectic music and a nude model.  It’s the best way to get your perspective back in focus.

The Drink and Draw at 3rd Ward Design Center in Williamsburg, NYC was an ideal way for my friends and me to dip back into the drawing groove.

My sketch above was not actually our “model”, but the 3rd Ward artist posed for our group while we were waiting for the actual model to show.  Train delays.

The event concept is clever, and I’m looking into other open art opportunities in the city.  Do you know of anything?  If not, start one.  I’ll go.

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A pocket full of clay

August 2, 2009

Art by Rebecca Lessem

Art by Rebecca Lessem

As a child, I never thought I could draw. I was more into making things out of plaster and clay, or even old junk.

In school the kids who could draw were seen as the real artists. Everyone would marvel at their realistic looking drawings and tell them what great artists they were and sigh enviously. My drawings did not inspire such reactions, and carrying a lump of clay in your pocket to demonstrate that you have artistic ability is not very practical.

In grade school it seemed that all we ever did was paint and draw, draw and paint. Praise always went to the same few star students. In middle school I had a very mean art teacher who reinforced my belief that drawing and painting were the mediums of value and that I was not an artist.
So for years and years I only drew privately and never showed my drawings to any one. I developed a passion for sculpture and photography.

Recently I had a job interview for which I needed drawing portfolio. (Crap!!) So I spent a good three weeks drawing every day. The more I drew the more I liked it and thought hey look I can draw yippee!!!

Sadly the folks doing the hiring did not agree. I still got a fun job at a notable Museum, but not the highly paying one for which I needed to show them samples of my drawings. You get paid more when you are an artist, and because I can’t draw apparently I’m not an artist.

Also one of my meanest and most discouraging middle school art teachers works there as a volunteer, and comes up to me now and again as if she is a long lost friend who inspired me to follow my current path as an artist, when in actuality she was big fat, goofy dressed, snide and condescending speed bump. Well thbbbt! to the world, I still think and can draw. Now lets you sculpt something.    -Rebecca Lessem from Michigan

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The genius artistry of the west coast makes me want to relocate.

The genius artistry of the west coast makes me want to relocate.

I’ve never been to Portland, but I’m ready to move there tomorrow.  Maybe.  Is it because of the roses?

No folks, it’s more about The Drink & Draw. It’s pure social-genius in an artistic form.  A group of artists, of all levels, meet at a bar on Sunday night and have a few drinks.

Anyone can start their own drawing or add their own artistic touch to a creation that’s chillin’ in the center of the table – just waiting for some magic.

The concept is captivating, and the scene actually happens in other cities as well (Sacramento, Montreal, and Seattle).

I want to play.  Anything near me?  I’ll look into it.   New York City can always use more collaborative opportunities for artists of all levels. Take a look and check it out if you’re ever visiting P-town or the other locations.

The Beer Dragon was created by Stuart Hiner at a recent Drink & Draw

The Beer Dragon was created by Stuart Hiner at a recent Drink & Draw event

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