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February 6, 2011

NYC Beekeeper Ezra Hug

Urban beekeeping is in.

After serving as an “apprentice” to NYC beekeeper Ezra Hug last year, I am thrilled to manage my first hive this spring.  Interested?  Take a course with The NYC Beekeepers Association.

The NYCBA is offering a course in 2011 for the absolute beginner and novice beekeeper.  This course is 12 hours long, spread out over four Sundays, AND it offers an apiary visit in April.  The NYCBA volunteer instructors are professional beekeepers with a collective half century of buzz-worthy experience.  The fee is $150.00 for the entire course which includes the following:

* construction of a bee hive
* safe hive placement
* general maintenance
* troubleshooting in the hive
* processes and lifecycle within the colony
* diseases and treatments

Beyond the fact that beekeeping is a HUGE conversation-starter (great for first dates + business interviews), you will also learn how to invigorate your vegetables while contributing to the environment and ensuring yourself as much as 120 lbs of pure raw honey per year per hive.  Yum.

This course teaches everything you need to know to start or continue your fascinating love story with the bees.  Learn about this fulfilling and rewarding hobby.  Become a beekeeper.  It is easier than you may think, and more intriguing that you might imagine.

I’d love to hear from you if you take the course!


Castrate the bucket list

November 11, 2009

These words are for the ambitious souls that need to conquer, clobber, and cream bucket lists, goals, and milestones.  I play with this group during recess.  I mimic them.  I get it.*

“We may conclude that we exist separately from nature and that nature – including our own human nature – has to be conquered; that reality is something we exist apart from and have to face up to; and that there is life on the one hand and us having to make something of it on the other.

As long as we realize that the symbols we use to describe our world are not that which they attempt to describe, there is no confusion.  When we forget, however, that the map is not the territory, we get hypnotized into seeing the world as a complex and scrambled jigsaw puzzle, too big and complicated for us ever to completely put together.  This way of thinking not only promotes the idea that we are separate from our environment, but it also encourages manipulation and exploitation of, instead of cooperation with, that environment.”

-Leo Hartong in Awakening to the Dream The Gift of Lucid Living

*Dedicated to everyone who has created a Bucket List at one time or another.  I am addicted.

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