A Seinfeld self-portrait

February 10, 2010

Doodle by Tara Joyce of Rise of the Innerpreneur

Doodle by Tara Joyce, writer, speaker, and creator of Rise of the Innerpreneur, and Elastic Mind.

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bat copy

Heed the lead of the vampire bat, and play nice with your neighbor.  Tit for tat.

In bat world, if one guy doesn’t snack on a bloody meal every two nights, he will need a kiss from a friend or face death.

Bats are probably more altruistic than some of us.  A donor bat will help his hungry buddy and share some dinner (blood) through a succulent smooch. When a group of vampire bats keep each other alive, the whole colony is more likely to survive.  No need for greed.

Selfish souls will not stumble upon success.

Lesson:  Share your toys & snacks with friends and foes (if they are in your Facebook network). Give lots of kisses.  Help the needy.

Want to be a baby’s mama?  … for a bat?  Sponsor one.

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Kait’s portrait

September 18, 2009

kjt Self-portrait by Kait Trott from Portland, Oregon.
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My sketch from the NYC Drink and Draw Event at 3rd Ward Design

My sketch from the NYC Drink and Draw Event at 3rd Ward

Experience not required.  PBR’s and Chex Mix were served.  Ten bucks (when you bring a friend) included eclectic music and a nude model.  It’s the best way to get your perspective back in focus.

The Drink and Draw at 3rd Ward Design Center in Williamsburg, NYC was an ideal way for my friends and me to dip back into the drawing groove.

My sketch above was not actually our “model”, but the 3rd Ward artist posed for our group while we were waiting for the actual model to show.  Train delays.

The event concept is clever, and I’m looking into other open art opportunities in the city.  Do you know of anything?  If not, start one.  I’ll go.

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Gabriele’s doodle

July 30, 2009

Art by Gabriele

Art by Gabriele

Gabriele Maurus is an exquisite artist from Canada.
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