We reside in the neighborhood of Blogville, USA. It’s fast growing
and an extremely social community. Darwin weeds out the weak quickly.

Some yards have been abandoned for months. Some yards are bustling
with personality, mouth-watering barbecues, and engaging conversation.
You’ll even find a few ambitious homeowners laboring in their yard
often (and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning).

I’ve noticed that inquisitive visitors stop by Ms. Domain’s address
often. Ms. D’s following is larger than the others on my block. What
her lawn more appealing than the rest?

I’ve studied her mysterious moves from afar and learned a thing or four:

1. Ms. Domain fertilizes and mows her lawn regularly. You will not
find a single weed. Branches are trimmed and excess is eliminated.
Without hired help, her touch is on everything.

2. The white picket fence does not exist. Ms. D tore it down a year
ago during a fit of rage. No barriers. All are welcomed.

3. The backyard evolves. The trout lilies enrich the land on Monday
and are replaced by red maple trees on Tuesday. Diversity and depth
are delivered regularly with wild surprises hidden under leaves.
Visitors have spent hours in Ms. Domain’s yard seeking and finding.
It’s like an Easter Egg Hunt every single day.

4. The lawn adapts to the volatile climate. Regardless of exterior
conditions, neighbors know that they can depend on Ms. Domain’s

If you treated your writing like your backyard, how would you groom
and grow it?
What would your visitors look for in the bushes? Some
yards are more wild than others. Some are meticulously manicured.
Some are plain dull.

If you’re dealing with too many rocks, get some daisies. If your pond
is full of algae, clean it. If you’re hanging out on the lawn chair
with a margarita by yourself, bring a new friend over!

It’s your yard. Play with it until you actually want to spend hours
in it. When in doubt, install a kiddie pool, and splash the neighbors
that bypass your address!

*What would draw you to a (blog) address more often?  Should I install a sculpture in my front yard OR serve pastries to visitors?

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The genius artistry of the west coast makes me want to relocate.

The genius artistry of the west coast makes me want to relocate.

I’ve never been to Portland, but I’m ready to move there tomorrow.  Maybe.  Is it because of the roses?

No folks, it’s more about The Drink & Draw. It’s pure social-genius in an artistic form.  A group of artists, of all levels, meet at a bar on Sunday night and have a few drinks.

Anyone can start their own drawing or add their own artistic touch to a creation that’s chillin’ in the center of the table – just waiting for some magic.

The concept is captivating, and the scene actually happens in other cities as well (Sacramento, Montreal, and Seattle).

I want to play.  Anything near me?  I’ll look into it.   New York City can always use more collaborative opportunities for artists of all levels. Take a look and check it out if you’re ever visiting P-town or the other locations.

The Beer Dragon was created by Stuart Hiner at a recent Drink & Draw

The Beer Dragon was created by Stuart Hiner at a recent Drink & Draw event

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You are truly a blessed person if you have the privilege of entering the mystical world of Medieval Times. And if the Big Lady above is really looking out for you, you may even get two visits under your armor.  Once you know the wenches by name, you become a M.T.G. (Medieval Times’ Groupie) – just like The Cable Guy.  I won’t judge what I may one day become.


Photo stolen from Darren Lasso esquire all rights reserved

I learned a few important things as a big kid at Medieval Times.

1. The Green Knight of Asturius is the hot-tempered warrior. He’s arrogant and stubborn – the exact qualities that most women desire. He was my favorite. I met him after the show, and I was very disappointed to learn that he was a modest, polite man – there wasn’t even a hint of sarcasm or annoyance in his voice.

2. There are only nine castles in the United States. What a shame. I can knock off the Illinois & New Jersey Castles from my hot-spot destination list.  Lucky maiden I am.

3. Don lofre Santa Creu, aka the B&W Knight, always wins.  It would have been good to know that secret prior to sitting in the blue section. The Blue Knight blows. I did feel some compassion for him as we left the castle. He looked blue so I told him he put up a good fight (a special moment captured on camera).  He didn’t though. Green Knight should have won.

4. Perspectives change. The knights looked a tad bit different than I remembered as a 9-year-old kid. The shock didn’t hit me until I saw the knights up-close. I’d guess these guys might be around 19 or 20-years-old max.  Not how I remembered them at all.

5. I’m digging the long-haired Legends of the Fall, Brad Pitt-look. I feel a comeback. When the economy starts growing, mark my word, the hair will too.

6. Eating the feast without utensils was not as thrilling to me as an adult. It’s just the norm. Maybe I should re-evaluate my dining style.

7. As I was told by my teenage waiter, and retold by Don Temple, there is no after-party at Medieval Times.

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