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Holly and I running in a high school cross country race.  I'm on the right.

Holly and I running in a high school cross country race. I'm on the right. Holly was about to pass me.

A lot of endorphins are swimming in my body.  These e-friends of mine are playing Marco Polo and having a fabulous time.  My endo-folk inspire me to thank the running goddesses for the gem of a sport.  While on this high, I want to share a few symbols of why I think running is heavenly.

Your legs will escort you on a tour of cities, greenery, humanity, and sound.  It only costs you your joints.

Passing other joggers on a trail is empowering.  We all know it feels good.  Blow past all of those slackers.

Getting lapped around the Central Park Reservoir is purely humbling.  The FDNY t-shirt guy flew by me three times today!

± Mud.  Plunge into it.  Rainy running days are sublime.  Don’t be dainty.  Get attention with the glob afterwards

Regardless of your frustration level, your suffering will decrease after a wistful run.  Woes will not be cured, but you will feel a few centimeters happier.

¿ Runner’s High.  You won’t get it any other legal way.

I know it’s not considered a “team sport” per se … but I have always felt united with other runners.  Speed doesn’t bond, but pain and passion does. We’re out there doing it.  It hurts.  And we unexplainably love it.

Every single person can own it.*  You can conquer the one-million mile race, and it’s your gift.  You can be a novice and jog as slow as molasses for two minutes.  It’s still your gift.  No one can take that away from you.

¬ Running is a beautiful reminder that life is short.  My body may not be able to run in thirty years or maybe in two years.  I do not know.  I will savor it while I’ve got it.

Holly Kearl, the runner I’m pictured with above, is the most passionate runner I have ever met.  We trained together in high school, and she continues racing today despite various injuries along the way.  Holly never ran for awards or popularity, she did it out of pure elation.

Running is in her blood.  It always will be.

Holly and me = running buddies

Holly and me = running buddies

Holly is the founder of Stop Street Harassment, a website that helps end gender-based public harassment and assault.

Share your passion for sports.  Actually, share your passion for anything!  I’d love to hear your story.  Email TheMathematicsofGlamour@hotmail.com.

*Obviously, there are exceptions.
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