The Fashion World has roared: “Prints are in.”

I was bold in junior high.  I wore various printed tops to class: bright beetles and satin comic-strips.  It got attention.

The chutzpah slipped away in high school, and ultimately disappeared in college.  The mantra on campus was look like everyone else.

Spring 2011 Fashion is not my motivating factor.   {Enter red-head and The Magic School Bus.}

Ms. Frizzle.  The teacher’s fancy frocks remind me of true glamour.

Where does Ms. Frizz shop?  Does she design her own clothing line?  Is she on  Is her first name Fran? Lots. of. questions.

Despite my fictitious admiration for the scientist, I do realize she does not exist. But I do believe that many crafty women carry little pieces of Ms. Frizz’s splendor and philosophy as they roam the streets.

Let the Frizzle wild.  Rock the rhinos.


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Fashion forward five-year-olds

September 20, 2009


While at the zoo this weekend, I noticed a stylish little girl wearing assorted animal prints. The zainy mix motivated me to juxtapose my own zebra and leopard prints. Could I be as bold as this five-year-old?  It made me think…

This kindergartener wasn’t actually the daring one; one of her parents made the adventurous fashion move.  Why not?

I am 100% positive that I will test out potential fashion trends on my future kids (not anytime soon).  Since certain design elements intimidate me,  I’ll play with fashion and dress up the future little tyke.   Trends will spread via kindergarten.

If you’re in search for the next BIG thing this fall, look no more at the display windows.  Hang out at the nearby playground.  Just don’t be creepy.

Color on a Monday and send to me.

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appleskirt That’s right, label-lovers, Coach Clutches are officially out. The colossal bags were replaced by citrus, bananas, and kiwi as of yesteryear.  Fruit is in.  Originality and debranding at its best (note: scrape off the sticky label on your apple).

Divulge the healthy new you.

Eat the fruit.  Or don’t.  Flash the green apple around your face like it’s the latest Tiffany’s wand. You will hypnotize. More importantly, you’ll promote well-being over well-I-paid-too-much-for-this-necklace.

Summer is for color and creativity.  Mix and match the crops, and take a bite out of the latest accessory.

If you spy this trend, snap a photo and send to me.

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