The Fashion World has roared: “Prints are in.”

I was bold in junior high.  I wore various printed tops to class: bright beetles and satin comic-strips.  It got attention.

The chutzpah slipped away in high school, and ultimately disappeared in college.  The mantra on campus was look like everyone else.

Spring 2011 Fashion is not my motivating factor.   {Enter red-head and The Magic School Bus.}

Ms. Frizzle.  The teacher’s fancy frocks remind me of true glamour.

Where does Ms. Frizz shop?  Does she design her own clothing line?  Is she on  Is her first name Fran? Lots. of. questions.

Despite my fictitious admiration for the scientist, I do realize she does not exist. But I do believe that many crafty women carry little pieces of Ms. Frizz’s splendor and philosophy as they roam the streets.

Let the Frizzle wild.  Rock the rhinos.


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Falling tide

April 22, 2010

In ’05, I finally removed myself from a relationship that was becoming increasingly restrictive. That night I moved into my studio and felt so many emotions I didn’t know where to start.

So of course I started painting.

The image is called “Swift current on a falling tide”

Being a west coast girl, I see life in coastal metaphors.  I was finally in motion, moving fast into a new phase of my life.

The falling tide refers to the fact that as the tide goes out hidden rocks appear and have to be navigated.

The mask is actually lifted from another painting of mine, but seemed appropriate in that I had put down the perfect woman and wife image and was willing to be messily, grandly, scatteredly, creatively, myself once more.

What a wonderful night that was!

I painted all night and into the dawn and then slept on my studio couch till noon and got up to paint again.

-Art and story by Corinne Paquette-Parker

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Kenneth Cole Ad Campaign - We All Walk in Different Shoes

Kenneth Cole Ad Campaign - We All Walk in Different Shoes

“There is no ‘supposed to be’ in bodies.  The question is not size or shape or years of age, or even having two of everything, for some do not.  But the wild issue is, does this body feel, does it have right connection to pleasure, to heart, to soul, to the wild?  Does it have happiness, joy?  Can it in its own way move, dance, jiggle, sway, thrust?  Nothing else matters.”

-Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD

I ripped this ad out of the newspaper.  I can’t throw it away which is a rare thing.   Aimee Mullins is a paralympic athlete, actor, and president of The Women’s Sports Foundation.  Thank Mullins’ mama (and pop) for this stunning role-model.

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Endangered Woman

May 14, 2009

“Wildlife and the Wild Woman are both endangered species.”

-Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD

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