zebragreenlogoThere exists exactly one.

The uniqueness quantification (a la the symbol to your left) is a personal favorite.  It leads you to The Mathematics of Glamour, a detour highlighting beauty in business, technology, and adventure.

Beyond stalking math symbols, I relish sexy start-ups, The Online Media Revolución, bee charmin’, collecting doodles, Hollaback!, juggling swords*, humanitarians, dandelions, millipedes, and a good story.

I am the Exploring NYC Examiner; the Partnership Development Manager at Silver Lining Limited; the Copywriter for The Grace List; and the Action Architect at Hollaback! in New York City.

*No, I don’t juggle swords. I do dream big.

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5 Responses to “The Square Root of Kira”

  1. gkerina Says:

    Thank you, Kira, for listing my website in your sidebar. And for thus providing a way for me to find your interesting website.

    All the best,
    Grace Kerina

  2. Ezra Says:

    You seem interesting and cute and cut from a no longer manufactured piece of fabric.


  3. Hi. I took part in the eco-self-portrait and story. My daughter then did the same. The site was not functioning very well; how do we know if you received our submissions? thanks. it was fun.

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